Connect everywhere

Distance is no limit. Work is what you do, not where you do it.

Find out why
Time saving

No commuting

Commuting lowers life satisfaction, happiness and increases anxiety levels. Working from anywhere will cut it out of your life.


Increased productivity

Remote work is a boon to productivity and creativity. No more distractions on common workspaces, like loud environment or impromptu meetings.

Reduced costs

Less consumed energy

Most buildings use 20% of total energy consumed in the US but sit empty around 65% of the day. Working anywhere allows these spaces to be used for something more impactful.

Safer environment

Greener Planet

If you work from anywhere the resources consumption significantly lowers and our environmental impact is much more reduced.

  • 2K

    Living species go extict forever

  • 48K

    Square miles of trees destroyed each year

  • 35K

    Kilometers of sea ice lost annually

  • 33.4B

    Tons of CO2 emissions released


More free time

After losing the commute, you gain flexibility. Attend your favorite conference, spend time with your family. If it matters to you, it can happen.


Triple bottom line

Being present anywhere, at any time, is one of the best advantages of the current digital age. We believe it’s now part of how we live.

  • People

    • Work/life
    • No commute stress
    • Work from anywhere
    • Global community
    • Easier access to knowledge
    • Better relationships
    • Better relationships
  • Planet

    • Paperless
    • No CO2 emissions
    • Reduced carbon footprint
    • Less pollution
    • Reduced resources
    • Less used electricity
    • Fewer office supplies used
  • Profit

    • More loyal employees
    • Cost effective
    • More productive teams
    • Source talent globally
    • Flexible schedules
    • Better retention
    • Scalable workforce