Want to let your participants give you a nudge when they are waiting? Worried that you might miss a meeting that you have scheduled with one of your colleagues? Use the Notify Host feature to receive browser push notifications to alert you when someone is waiting in your link. This feature is currently available only on the web application and has not been released to mobile or tablet.


How it works

If the host isn’t present in their meeting link, Teleport will give participants the option to notify their host to let them know that they are waiting. This option will only be present if the host isn’t available in the link and otherwise will follow the normal joining flow.

The notification consists of using browser level prompts which will appear on the screen of the host. On clicking this, the host will be redirected to their meeting link. 

Teleport currently only supports Chrome, Firefox, and Opera notifications however other browsers will be added in the coming weeks!

Important to note: The host does not have to be active in their browser and the notification will be shown via the last browser that was used on the system.


How to enable and disable

To enable notifications, the host can navigate to their browser settings > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Notifications to toggle permissions to allow Teleport to alert you when a participant is waiting. 

This is specifically for Chrome users and settings may differ slightly on other browsers. You can also trigger your browser permissions via the notification banner which will appear at the top of your screen when accessing your meeting link.

To disable notifications, follow the above steps and navigate to your browser notification settings where you can remove Teleport’s permission to push notifications to your system.